Tobias Stenberg and Tilde Lageri Damborg

What defines dead data in a networked culture and who owns the data being produced within it? How can we carry out the right to be forgotten in a digital age of the enduring ephemeral?

DEMBOT was a bot that tried to notify Twitter users of their inactivity, which could result in their data being erased. Officially, Twitter claims that you should log in every 6 months or you might be erased due to inactivity. They further claim to properly erase any leftover data from your account.

DEMBOT was part of an investigation into the politics surrounding erasure of data and the right to be forgotten.

The bot had a short lifespan and only ran once. Partly, due to the structure of Twitter itself and their API which doesn't allow for such an investigation into the apparent deadness of data, how it's defined and how consequent acts of erasure are carried out. The terms recarding when and how exactly the data is being erased is obfuscated at best.